About us

Campbell Mattress is a Missouri legacy. Founded in 1933 in Cape Girardeau, we are proud to still be THE Missouri local mattress brand, employing, supporting, and helping Missouri sleep. 

Recalling his first experiences with Campbell as a child, now CEO Pat McCurren, shares that Campbell has always sought to give you the most mattress for your money. That legacy of quality and value remains one of the foundational tenants of Campbell Mattress even today, over 90 years since its inception.

The Campbell Mattress of today strives to continue creating premium mattresses with the best of domestic materials, and the highest quality of technologies in each mattress recognizing that quality sleep is essential to human quality of life and longevity. Our Campbell Mattress Consultants are trained to help everyone find the right sleep solutions for all needs, whether that be snoring, back pain, trouble sleeping, partners who can't agree on the perfect mattress together or any other sleep problems they may have. With a no pressure sale environment our number one goal is to help you rest, relax, and recover every night. 

With our Campbell Mattress Heritage, Zero, 90th Anniversary, MH Gray, MH Legacy, and Relax-o-pedic collections we are confident that we can find the right mattress for every person's needs, whether they prefer a classic mattress feel, or need enhanced pressure relief and support.